We’re Open: Strictly By Appointment Only. No Walk Ins Please! IV’s, Blood Draws, Patient Visits and Supplements Available.

In this month of May, we will be celebrating Mental Health Month!

Service highlight:
Consult reviewing Anxiety/Depression

We would like to let everyone know that the clinic and Dr. Ferreira are prepared to provide support for our patients who suffer from different mental illnesses. With the ongoing pandemic, there may be a heightened risk of mental health illness – especially anxiety. However, there are various causes of anxiety and depression. Many of our patients have not been given a full workup to determine their cause and instead only given the option of an antidepressant. Men and women both present differently when experiencing anxiety and depression. Sometimes the person may present with feeling irritable and quick to anger instead of feeling sad as we have been lead to believe. Causes of anxiety and depression can be one of the following but not limited to it: hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, and food allergies/intolerances. This is why it is important to have a full workup done so we may find out what your cause is as it may be very different from that of a loved one.

With all these in mind, the clinic and Dr. Ferreira are prepared to support, educate, and provide treatment to our patients who are suffering from mental illness.
If you wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ferreira, please visit our patient hours HERE or contact us at (801) 396-8850.

Dr. Ferreira wishes to highlight that if you feel that you want someone to talk to as to compliment the medical services you are receiving from her, however, not interested in traditional counseling then you may want to consider reaching out to Sarah McCann with True Center Living. She is also offering services remotely but also in-office too. The COVID-19 pandemic is a new experience to everyone across the globe so trying to understand how your emotions, which are warranted, can be embraced but also controlled is critical. Emotional Intelligence is what separates our ability to make difficult circumstances we find ourselves in to be the catalyst for our growth and potential. Reach out to Sarah as she is also here to serve our community.


Utah Social Measures:

As the State Governor has announced, May 1st coronavirus restrictions will begin to be cautiously lifted. To get up to date information about what the state and health department are sharing, then please go HERE to be well informed from credible sources.

As restrictions are lifted, it is important to continue to keep yourself and your family safe. Please continue to do what is necessary to support your immune system. Please refer to the Immune Guidelines that Dr. Ferreira provided in early March. They have been posted to the Blog on the website so she may continue to make edits along the way and prevent frequent emails on updates. Clinic Monthly Newsletters are also posted on the blog for visibility to those that may not be receiving these emails.


Clinic Reminders and Precautionary Measures:

For patients who need to be seen by Dr. Ferreira physically in the clinic – as they are considered urgent cases, we would like to ask them to come in with a homemade facemask. If you do not have a mask, the State of Utah will provide one for free so please go HERE to read further on it. Dr. Ferreira will also be taking their temperature and providing hand sanitizer to everyone before they enter the clinic. We would also limit the number of appointments per day as we will be implementing a 1-hour gap for every appointment so there is enough time for her to sanitize the surroundings between in-office visits.

For patients who wish to purchase supplements, we would require them to call us in advance that way we can put them in the schedule.

For appointments that do not require any physical examination or are not urgent, we would like to ask our patients to still have the appointments done via Phone Consultation or Telemedicine to minimize the risks of contracting the virus


Prescription & Appointment Reminders:

Any patient currently receiving prescription management from Dr. Ferreira we would like to remind you that clinic policy is to ask your pharmacy to send us a prescription refill request 2 weeks at minimum prior to you running out of your medication. You may also reach out to the clinic as a secondary reminder but having the pharmacy send us the request will still be mandatory. This allows Dr. Ferreira to review the patient’s chart prior to authorizing the request to ensure it is still appropriate. It also allows her to take care of these tasks on her administrative day of the business. It will prevent you from going without if Dr. Ferreira is not available due to a holiday and/or conference attendance, which can result in a week closure. If you wait only a few days prior to receiving a refill, you may need to ask your pharmacy to provide you an emergency supply to help you get through until Dr. Ferreira is able to send a refill over to your pharmacy.

Dr. Ferreira will also like to note that due to the high volume of messages she receives on a daily basis on the patient portal and sometimes through the clinic email, she is no longer able to respond as quickly and looking to only answer emails/messages on a weekly basis on her admin day. If you are reaching out due to an urgent matter please do not send a message but rather contact the clinic to make an appointment so your concern may be addressed appropriately. You may also schedule an appointment online via the Patient Portal on Patient Fusion.

We would like to remind everyone of our clinic’s cancellation policy. We kindly request our patients to cancel 2 business days prior to their scheduled appointments to avoid the $50 cancellation fee. This allows us to schedule patients who might want to take that time slot as well as Dr. Ferreira reviewing a few days before to prepare for your appointment. In addition to that, we encourage everyone to set up their Patient Fusion Account if they haven’t.

Here are a couple of benefits of activating your Patient Fusion Account:

  • A quick click to schedule a new appointment or reschedule one you can’t make.
  • Receive reminders for upcoming appointments so you don’t forget! A great way to avoid late cancellation fees.

Clinic policies & Portal Login can be also found on the website under the “Current Patients” tab.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and/or concerns! We would like to thank everyone in advance for following our precautionary measures for our safety. Thank you for your continued support and we wish for your safety!

Let us all raise awareness about the importance of mental health with Empowered Healing, Empowered Health, resulting in an Empowered YOU!