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September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month!

It is considered as one of the most rapidly increasing cancers in the world. For this reason, constant check-ups and testing are needed in order to detect it in a much earlier stage for better treatment options.

Lastly, having your thyroid levels check can allow to easily pinpoint the reason for some complaints as it does affect a lot of functions in our body such as: mood, heart rate, body control and hair loss.

Service highlight

  • Consult to review your thyroid panel

Thyroid dysfunction is often under diagnosed and often have many patients seeking my services because their doctor told them their thyroid was “fine”. It is standard of care to only check one marker of thyroid, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), but not the rest of the biomarkers that help determine if your thyroid function is at optimal levels. With your thyroid in charge of your metabolism, many symptoms include but not limited to: fatigue, inability to loose weight, hair loss, anxiety/depression. Treatment recommendations will vary depending on how you are presenting and what laboratory markers read. If appropriate, a prescription medication may be written. However, if not necessary then diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendation will be given as to help you achieve optimal thyroid function.

With this in mind, Dr. Ferreira is prepared to support, educate, and provide treatment to our patients who have a concern with their thyroid.

If you wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ferreira, please visit our patient hours HERE or contact us at (801) 396-8850.

Clinic Reminders and Precautionary Measures:

Follow up appointments that DO NOT REQUIRE any physical examination will be conducted via:

  • Phone Consultation
  • Telemedicine

Patients who REQUIRE a physical exam or service, the following is clinic protocol to enter the premises:

  • Facemask must be worn to enter the clinic
  • Boby temperature scan upon entering
  • Hand sanitizer dispensed upon entering

The number of appointments per day has been reduced to implement a 1-hour gap for every appointment to allow time for sanitation of the clinic space and prevent more than one patient in the lobby simultaneously.

For patients who wish to purchase supplements, please call us in advance that way we can schedule a pickup time.

Thank you for your patience with the new matter that your health care is being conducted.

By following these measures we are able to minimize the exposure to all parties involved, especially reducing the risk to those patients who are in the vulnerable population that are immune-compromised.

We would like to remind everyone as well that Dr. Ferreira is in this group and depends also on those that she is exposed to that they have done their best to social distance and wear a mask when out in public so she may also continue to serve all patients during this pandemic.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and/or concerns! We would like to thank everyone in advance for following our precautionary measures for our safety. Thank you for your continued support and we wish for your safety!

Let us all prioritize our health this month with Empowered Healing, Empowered Health, resulting in an Empowered YOU!