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November is National Diabetes Awareness Month!

We would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness about diabetes because this is one of the most common diseases in the United States. We want to provide everyone the support and tools needed to reduce the risk of having diabetes and for others, to manage their diabetes.

As we all know there are 2 types of diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), here is a chart wherein they are differentiated:

If you are diagnosed with either of these, it is important to learn how to manage your health.

Here are some tips for your diabetes self-care plan:

  • Monitor your blood sugar
  • Have a healthy diet
  • Be physically active
  • Comply with your medication

If you would like a more detailed and individualized treatment, prevention or self-care plan please do not hesitate to setup an appointment with Dr. Ferreira, by calling us at (801) 396-8850 or scheduling an appointment online by clicking HERE.

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead (also known as Día de Muertos in Spanish), which starts from November 1st and ends on the 2nd.  It is a festival whose origins are deeply rooted in Aztec beliefs and tied to the goddess Mictecacihuatl, also known as the “Lady of the Dead.” Over the centuries, the holiday became more intertwined with Catholic traditions and shortened from a month-long event to a two day celebration.  This annual holiday celebrates and honors the dearly departed; the first day, also known as All Saints’ Day in the Catholic tradition, honors children and infants who have passed, and the second day, All Souls’ Day, honors adults.  The holiday allows the living to shift their emotions of death from being sad and griving to celebrating and having joy in their memory.  If you would like to learn more about this festive and colorful holiday please read more HERE.

EHC would also like to remember most especially the parents of Dr. Ferreira on this day because of their upbringing that influenced and inspired her to not only become a physician but most importantly pursue Naturopathic Medicine. We would like to also remember everyone’s family members, friends and loved ones who have passed on as well. May this day help us remember how they impacted our lives, to lead us to where we are now.

Dr. Ferreira shared with us a picture collage of the small alter she set up this year for The Day of the Dead in tribute to her parents, maternal grandmother Guadalupe and her pet plecostomous Melvin of 14 years.  She included a few snacks and treats that her loved ones enjoyed when they were here on this Earth.  Encarnacion, her father, grew up on a ranch in rural Mexico by the name of “Racho de lo Aguacates” or “Avocado Ranch” in English; for this reason it became Dr. Ferreira’s favorite fruit ever since she was a small girl as her father would ofter make an “avocado taquito” for her as a filling snack (the Mexican version of Avocado Toast!).  She would also love to ask her dad for half a stick of Doublemint gum from a pack he always carried in his pocket.  Dr. Ferreira would also like to look for treats in her mom’s purse, Evangelina, in hopes of finding some strawberry hard candy; it was guaranteed that she would find some but it was often paired with butterscotch candies as well.  Although Dr. Ferreira never really cared for the butturscotch flavor, she has grown to love it for the mere fact of the nostalgia it provides her as it was one of her mother’s favorite flavors.  Both her parents taught our dear Dr. Ferreira that no matter how challenging life can be, there are always reasons to find joy in life and a reason to smile and laugh.  As per the lesson Melvin taught her was that all living creatures have great meaning on this Earth, even if others may not feel that way.  May you too remember the lessons you have been taught by those that have departed.

Clinic Reminders and Precautionary Measures:

Follow up appointments that DO NOT REQUIRE any physical examination will be conducted via:

  • Phone Consultation
  • Telemedicine

Patients who REQUIRE a physical exam or service, the following is clinic protocol to enter the premises:

  • Facemask must be worn to enter the clinic
  • Boby temperature scan upon entering
  • Hand sanitizer dispensed upon entering

The number of appointments per day has been reduced to implement a 1-hour gap for every appointment to allow time for sanitation of the clinic space and prevent more than one patient in the lobby simultaneously.

For patients who wish to purchase supplements, please call us in advance that way we can schedule a pickup time.

Thank you for your patience with the new matter that your health care is being conducted.

By following these measures we are able to minimize the exposure to all parties involved, especially reducing the risk to those patients who are in the vulnerable population that are immune-compromised.

We would like to remind everyone as well that Dr. Ferreira is in this group and depends also on those that she is exposed to that they have done their best to social distance and wear a mask when out in public so she may also continue to serve all patients during this pandemic.


Prescription & Appointment Reminders:

Prescription Refills:

  • Ask your pharmacy to send the clinic a prescription refill request 2 weeks at minimum prior to you running out of your medication.
  • You may also reach out to the clinic as a secondary reminder but having the pharmacy send us the request will still be mandatory.
  • Allows Dr. Ferreira to review the patient’s chart prior to authorizing the request to ensure it is still appropriate. She needs to and does review your chart before refills are sent in on her administrative day of business.
  • It will prevent you from going without if Dr. Ferreira is not available due to a holiday and/or conference attendance, which can result in a week closure.

Emergency Refill Requests:

  • You may need to ask your pharmacy to provide you an emergency supply if Dr. Ferreira is absent due to an unforeseen circumstance and/or conference.
  • Requesting a refill when you have run out may subject you to a fee. We reserve the right to charge for an Emergency Refill for a time frame less than that of clinic policy.

Messages to Dr. Ferreira:

  • Dr. Ferreira addresses these messages on her admin day so please be patient.
  • Messages via the patient portal and/or clinic email directed to Dr. Ferreira should be of NON-URGENT matters.
  • For urgent matters please do not send a message but rather contact the clinic to make an appointment so your concern may be addressed appropriately. You may also schedule an appointment online via the Patient Portal on Patient Fusion by logging in HERE.

Canceling Appointments:

  • Avoid the $50 cancellation fee by canceling 2 business days prior to your scheduled appointment – Clinic Cancellation Policy.
  • Allows us to schedule patients who may be desire an earlier date from their scheduled appointment
  • Allows Dr. Ferreira to prepare for the correct patients on schedule as Dr. Ferreira reviews cases a few days before your appointment.

Here are a couple of benefits of activating your Patient Fusion Account:

  • A quick click to schedule a new appointment or reschedule one you can’t make.
  • Receive reminders for upcoming appointments so you don’t forget! A great way to avoid late cancellation fees.

Our full list of Clinic policies & Portal Login can be also found on the website under the “Current Patients” tab.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and/or concerns! We would like to thank everyone in advance for following our precautionary measures for our safety.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish for your safety!


Let us all together raise awareness about diabetes with Empowered Healing, Empowered Health, resulting in an Empowered YOU!