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National Women’s Health Month

Women have unique health issues such as pregnancy and menopause. And some of the health issues that affect both men and women can touch women differently. So stay active. Eat healthy. And get some sleep. Most important? Start today! National Women’s Health Week begins on Mother’s Day each year, as a reminder to all women to take care of themselves, and to make their health a priority.

One of the biggest tools we have to fight health conditions is the power of human connection. That’s why National Women’s Health awareness month is so important: They rally us together to spread awareness and show support.

Interested in participating in National Women’s Health Week but not sure how? We make it easy for you with this list of ideas, let’s get started!

Stay healthy during your free time!

  • Use free online videos or apps to exercise at home.
  • Start a health diary to document your health journey.
  • Cook a healthy meal or snack! If you need inspiration, check out these recipes(link is external).
  • Drink water instead of soda and sugary drinks.
  • Turn on your favorite music and dance.
  • Take a walk.
  • Share what you do with us by using #NWHW and #FindYourHealth.

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National Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month: #4Mind4Body

Approximately one in five adults in the United States, 43.8 million, or 18.5%, experiences a mental illness in a given year and approximately one in five youth aged 13–18 (21.4%) experiences a severe mental health disorder at some point during their lifetime. For children aged 8–15, the estimate is 13%. Mental illness is not prejudice as mental health disorders affect men and women of all ages, races and social classes

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Month is Fitness #4Mind4Body, meaning that health is an all-encompassing matter and we must take care of our minds just as much as we take care of our bodies. Mental health is important for our physical health and vice versa. A well balanced diet, a healthy sleep schedule, exercise, gut health and hydration all affect our mental health and our physical health equally

Mental health is vital to overall personal wellness. MentalHealth.gov describes mental health as our emotional psychological and social well-being. Here are some activities that can help to improve your overall psychological well-being.

Imagine a device that lets you reach a deeper meditative state, mental clarity, and intuition without requiring years of disciplined practice. Not only that, but the device also improves your sleep and helps you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized. You also get the added benefit of reduced worry, stress, and irritability while also supporting mental harmony and emotional stability.

That device is called the BrainTap headset. The above are just some of the many benefits of the invention, according to Dr. Patrick Porter who’s a leader in the field of brain entrainment and founder and inventor of Braintap, a wearable device that uses the benefits of light therapy, neurolinguistic programming and binaural beats to improve mood, memory and sleep. Braintap is a powerfully effective tool designed to help people achieve balanced brainwave states that enhance the production of all the necessary neurotransmitters needed for optimal function of body and mind. 

“This exclusive, copyrighted technology has been extensively tested to create the perfect symmetry of sound, music and spoken word for the ultimate in brainwave training and relaxation, providing your mind and body with all the benefits of meditation without the disciplined effort,” states Dr. Porter. 

Clinic Reminders and Precautionary Measures:

Due to the pandemic, business is being conducted differently at the clinic

Follow up appointments that DO NOT REQUIRE any physical examination or in-office therapy will be conducted via:

  • Phone Consultation
  • Telemedicine

Patients who REQUIRE a physical exam or service, the following is clinic protocol to enter the premises:

  • Facemask must be worn to enter the clinic (Mesh masks NOT allowed)
  • Boby temperature scan upon entering
  • Hand sanitizer dispensed upon entering

Other changes to be noted:

  • The number of appointments per day has been reduced to allow time for sanitation of the clinic space and prevent more than one patient in the lobby simultaneously.
  • For patients who wish to purchase supplements, please call us in advance that way we can schedule a pickup time.

Thank you for your patience with the new matter that your health care is being conducted!!!!

Prescription & Appointment Reminders:

Prescription Refills:

  • 2-week advance notice is REQUIRED per Clinic Policies.
  • Ask your pharmacy to send the clinic a prescription refill request
  • Reaching out to the clinic as a secondary reminder is helpful but having the pharmacy send us the request is still mandatory.
  • Dr. Ferreira conducts patient chart reviews at the end of the week prior to authorizing the request to ensure the prescription is still appropriate (appt. or labs may be indicated).

Emergency Refill Requests:

  • Requesting a refill when you have run out may subject you to a fee. We reserve the right to charge for an Emergency Refill for a time frame less than that of clinic policy.
  • You may need to ask your pharmacy to provide you an emergency supply if Dr. Ferreira is absent due to an unforeseen circumstance and/or conference.

Messages to Dr. Ferreira:

  • Dr. Ferreira addresses these messages on her admin day so please be patient.
  • Messages via the patient portal and/or clinic email directed to Dr. Ferreira should be of NON-URGENT matters.
  • For URGENT matters please do not send a message but rather contact the clinic to make an appointment so your concern may be addressed appropriately. You may also schedule an appointment online via the Patient Portal on Patient Fusion by logging in HERE

Canceling Appointments:

  • Avoid the $50 cancellation fee by canceling 2 business days prior to your scheduled appointment – Clinic Cancellation Policy.
  • Allows us to schedule patients who may be desire an earlier date from their scheduled appointment
  • Dr. Ferreira can then prepare for the correct patients on schedule as she reviews cases a few days before your appointment.

Here are a couple of benefits of activating your Patient Fusion Account:

  • A quick click to schedule a new appointment or reschedule one you can’t make.
  • Receive reminders for upcoming appointments so you don’t forget! A great way to avoid late cancellation fees.

Our full list of Clinic policies & Portal Login can be also found on the website under the “Current Patients” tab found HERE.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and/or concerns! We would like to thank everyone in advance for following our precautionary measures for our safety.  Thank you for your continued support and we wish for your safety!  

As always, Empowered Healing leads to Empowered Health, resulting in an Empowered YOU!