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Thank you for your support over the years and entrusting me with your health care.  It has been a blessing to play a part in your journey and be able to see you overcome obstacles and be triumphant in reaching optimal health.

EHC celebrates it’s 4th Anniversary on July 16, 2022

Greetings and Salutations Everyone!

First off, thank you for being part of my life through out the years and that is something that there are not enough words in the English language to express my gratitude.  Up to this point I may not have the opportunity in my life to have a family of my own, however, I can only imagine that this is how a parent may feel about their children as I do with EHC.

Last year I shared the early stages of the moments of when my thoughts of what I wanted in a healing space began to take shape.  It was those thoughts and desires that inspired me and guided me to the name Empowered Healing Center and the business motto.  But as we know, that was only the beginning and certainly not the end of EHC’s story. 

EHC’s infancy stage certainly consisted of many sleepless nights, just like most new parents feel with a brand new baby.  It is the adrenaline that keeps you going to make sure your baby keeps thriving by giving it all it needs.  Life keeps going and then you get to the “Terrible Twos”….boy, can I repeat that again…the terrible twos! EHC certainly saw the “terrible twos” in 2020 and what a year it was!  My mother’s battle with bladder cancer came to an end and so did my bi-monthly travel to California to help with her hospice care.Ironically, the nation and the world came to a pause from the daily fast-paced life as we all retired into our homes to get through the early stages of the pandemic.  I received a multitude of messages outpouring of love and encouragement as I took my bereavement leave, all while everyone was trying to figure out how to learn to work from home while homeschooling their children simultaneously.  That out pouring of love and encouragement continued for the remaining of the year, until the travel ban was lifted to allow me and my family to travel to Mexico to take my mother’s ashes to her final resting place.  I can’t thank you all enough on helping me get through those “terrible twos”!

My family would certain attest that many of my stories on when I was younger ALWAYS stared with the narrative, “When I was FOUR YEARS old…” (while putting up a count of four fingers on my hand to the person listening so there would be no confusion of what age I was when sharing whatever gracious story I had that day to tell…yes…this is embarrassingly true…😬). Although the age of four has many nicknames, the one I feel EHC can relate to is the Fantastic Fours, where although much learning still continues at this stage, the independence achieved brings a sense of accomplishment that the growth experienced has been healthy and a positive sign that many more good stages await further into the future.  Like many small businesses owners during the pandemic, I had to figure out how to continue to keep EHC’s doors open during a critical time in history.  This was especially necessary since EHC is a business that helps individuals in our very own communities get through health challenges so they may be able to give of themselves and their talents to those they surround themselves with.  So I welcome the Fantastic Fours as the Terrible Twos are behind me now.

As any parent would say when asked their thoughts about raising children, they are a lot of work but they are gratifying and a blessing in their life as their children help them grow into a better version of themselves.  Yes, running a private practice all while being a physician is challenging in every way imaginable, however, doing so has helped me grow in many ways I never thought were possible.  So thank you for being here for the Fantastic Fours and may EHC see many years to come.

I want to thank you for making the past four years very enjoyable and special!  I appreciate your support and to say thank you for entrusting me with your health care over the years by launching a supplement sale for 25% off on your favorite platforms, FullScript and Wellevate until the end of August!

Your health success is also our success, and we are glad you are reaching your goals using our services!!  Once again, thank you for your support on behalf of me and the EHC staff!! 


Dr. Carmel Ferreira, NMD, LAc

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Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day is a big deal in here in Utah! July 24th is the date that commemorates the day in 1847 that Brigham Young first set foot in the Salt Lake Valley and declared to his fellow Mormon pioneers: “This is the right place.” 

Pioneer Day isn’t just an LDS holiday—it’s a celebration of everyone who emigrated to Utah during the pioneer era, and a chance for all of us to reflect on and revel in the pioneering spirit. 

Why we love Pioneer Day

It’s a celebration of religious freedom

Everyone has the right to practice their religion without facing persecution for their beliefs. Latter-Day Saints, aka Mormons, are no different. They deserve to live peacefully, practicing and living by their faith however they desire. Any attack on Latter-Day Saints and their faith is an attack on the freedom of expression everywhere else too.  Everyone has the right to practice their religion and/or spirituality of choice.

It’s a celebration of pioneers

Through the tumble and toil, many great things are born, and Pioneer Day is no different. Whilst it is essentially a religious holiday, people also honor it with patriotic spirit. Many pioneers, Mormons or not, have made a name for themselves as well as the country. Some famous celebrities who were raised as Latter-Day Saints include David Archuleta, Christina Aguilera and the late Paul Walker.

It’s a celebration of hope

Facing relentless persecution and wandering for days on end, Brigham Young and his followers finally arrived in Utah. They started a new life not only for themselves but for the future generations of Latter-Day Saints. Had they given up on hope, nobody would have been celebrating Pioneer Day in the first place.

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