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Clinic Policies

Prescription Refill Requests: We kindly request our patients to ask their pharmacy to send us a prescription refill request 2 weeks at minimum prior to you running out of your medication.  This allows Dr. Ferreira to review the patient’s chart prior to authorizing the request to ensure it is still appropriate.  Refill requests must come from your pharmacy, electronically or via fax to (801) 396-8849 as this request becomes part of your electronic record and allows for documentation.  If you call or send a request via the portal, we will ask you that you still need to have your pharmacy reach out to us with the request as this is mandatory.

We reserve the right to charge a $35 fee for any emergency refill request.

Prescription Management: Dr. Ferreira always keeps your safety in mind when prescribing you a pharmaceutical.  It is her protocol that she has a follow up consultation after she initially prescribes a prescription, whether it be at the initial Treatment Plan presentation consult or if it several visits into your treatment care; it is common that she will ask you to meet with you 6 weeks after the prescription was made to ensure your safety.  Dr. Ferreira holds the right to refuse further refills if she has not had a consult appointment with you, which allows her to evaluate and assess your case to determine if the current medication prescribed is appropriate or at the correct dose for your case.  This is critical for any medication that is life saving (ie. high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) or for that matter any controlled substance prescription of testosterone.  If you continually cancel your appointment to push it further into the future please be aware that you do risk the possibility of going without medication if Dr. Ferreira has not met with you during the suggested time she originally set out to reevaluate your case to safely provide further refills.  However, if you cancel to seek transfer of care with a new provider, please make sure you have one last consult with Dr. Ferreira so you may have sufficient medications before your New Provider appointment as she will not be able to fill your prescription without having had a follow up to evaluate your prescription.  Dr. Ferreira does evaluate your chart with any prescription refill request as she would like to make sure the most current labs suggest your evaluating markers continue to indicate the medication prescribed is safe.  Please do not risk your prescription refills to be compromised by not being provided a medication refill if you do not desire to follow up with Dr. Ferreira on your medical care.  We understand that some patients may not agree with these policies but the art of practicing medicine is a profession that has taken on moral and legal obligations to ensure your safety is always priority.

Payment Due at Time of Service: Please plan ahead and make sure you are able to pay your invoice at the time you render your service.  Fees for services are based on the type of appointment scheduled.  Services for therapies are based on the therapy (ie. Acupuncture, IV Therapy, Injections, etc.), whereas services for primary care management are based on time (ie. 30 min. or less, 30-45 min, 45-60 min., etc.) We are able to keep costs down due to the Fee-for-Service (FFS) healthcare model we run under.  Most conventional clinics that accept health insurance have their services priced 50-70% more than our current clinic prices since they do not receive payment at the time the patient has had their appointment.  Under unusual circumstances when you do not have sufficient funds to pay for the service please be aware that a 20% late fee will be applied to your invoice while your treatment plan and prescriptions will have a hold placed on them until the invoice has been paid.  In addition, no further appointments can be made until all outstanding invoices are paid.

Clinic cancellation policy: We kindly request our patients to cancel 2 business days prior to their scheduled appointments to avoid the $50 cancellation fee. This allows us to schedule patients who might want to take that time slot and also prevent Dr. Ferreira from reviewing your chart 2 days before in preparation for your scheduled appointment. In addition to that, we encourage everyone to set up their Patient Fusion Account if they haven’t so they may make those schedule changes at their convenience.